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Hallows Eve Inc.

Hallows Eve Inc. presents Deadwater State Penitentiary at Launch Pointe, bringing you the thrill of a lifetime. A great frightening fun venue with a full walkthrough haunted attraction and nightly shows starting just after dark!

Where Your Fears Come to Life

Beware! You are about to enter and be booked into Deadwater State Penitentiary. 

Whatever you fear the most about a prison sentence will come to life with Hallows Eve Inc. at Deadwater. 

Known for the most heinous criminals; your fear will not be the length of your time, but living to see another day.  Knowing someone on the inside will help you through your darkest nights but it's the courage you bring with you that will keep you alive. 

Don't Miss the NEW Opening Scaremonies

The Opening Scaremonies is a show before the opening of each haunted event at Hallows Eve Inc., which will appear outside of the attraction, signaling the beginning of the event. Opening Scaremonies are tied into the theme of each year's event. The opening scaremonies starts on time at 7:00 pm every night, featuring scare actors from the scare zone. The show will take place nearest to the entrance gathering to chase people into the event. Don't wanna miss this one. People will be DYING to see!

Chaos, as the sirens whirl, cell doors swing open, and lights blare wicked in the darkness as the guards swarm the cell block. The prison is being taken over. Inmates from every background and criminality barrage wildly into the frey as the smell of warfare lets loose. Anyone who’s anybody will do whatever it takes to escape and taste the sting of freedom on their numb and empty tongues. Will you make it out alive?

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